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transform your mind, transform your body.
What we do

Transformation Coaching

We are a mind and body transformation coaching group that believes everyone deserves a healthy, energized existence. Remote and local coaching packages available.

How We Work


Through intimate 1 on 1 coaching via skype or face to face, we help you find the courage to move into more joy in life through a healthy mind and body. Your inner peace will transmute your existence into an effortless body transformation.

The Next Steps

Application Only

We only work with clients who are ready for this process. Whether you are local to Colorado Springs or living in Scotland, we will help you determine if now is indeed the time to make this commitment. Strict application process as we are limited in capacity at this time.

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Our 5 Foundational BLOCKS That Build Results

1. Intentionally Downshift

Stressed? Tired? Lacking energy? Our philosophies effectively address the root causes of your overload. Let’s slow things down and live more in the present moment.

2. Purpose Driven

Have you ever tried really hard to do something and failed? No more. We can teach you exactly how to hop off the hamster wheel and finally tap into your innate power for real transformation.

3. Eat Real Food

Food is either the best medicine or the slowest form of poison. Let our experts and culture empower you to end your overwhelm and frustration for good.

4. Move Naturally

Stuck? Lack of movement, overtraining, and wrong beliefs are usually to blame. Find effective ways to unravel stiffness and erase pain all while increasing your strength, lean muscle tissue, endurance, and performance.

5. Love Harder

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the ability to move forward despite of it. Learn to THINK differently about yourself, so that you can get out of your own way and feel better than you ever have before.


Foundation 719 is sister company and wild west hub of Foundation 513. This is the second Foundation nationally and paving the way is Patrick Hitches as he integrates the core principles towards body transformations which are intimate, holistic and life altering in nature.

``I believe our body is a temple that was gifted to us when we entered this world. It’s up to us to appreciate and acknowledge this opportunity and treat it with 100% integrity in the love and respect it deserves. Heal the mind, heal the body.`` -Patrick

The Process

Your Mind Unleashed

Think of the mind as your most powerful muscle to break free from the patterns that are holding you back. This is a process well worth the focus as it’s the foundation of any real transformation.

Paint The Vision

Like waving a magic wand, paint the ideal life you wish to lead! Hold that vision with your unleashed mind. From here, we may as well consider it already done. The daily actions won’t feel like effort at all.

Focused Action

What is the one thing you can do right now, in this moment to move in the direction of your new vision? This is where you begin. Nothing else matters. Truly. We help guide your actions so you have full faith your efforts build positive momentum.

What clients have to say

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The beginning of any journey starts with a single focused task you can perform right now.